Our Guarantee - 12 Month Warranty

All neon purchases on glowmke are guaranteed by a 12-month warranty. Our neon was produced by a world-class neon manufacturer.

Warranty Details

glowmke assures your neon will be free from manufacturer defects for 12 months after the order purchase date, permitting that all instructions and safety notice have been followed. Please review the instructions and notice provided with the product. Neon that has been damaged by alternation, accident, or misuse cannot be considered for warranty.

glowke will provide you with a replacement product if your neon becomes defective inside of the warranty period.

Common Troubleshooting

Let's see if we can answer any questions and troubleshoot items that can be easily remedied.

Click here to check our Troubleshooting section on the FAQ

Warranty Claims

Please take photo and video of the defect in action so we can properly diagnose the issue and process the warranty claim. We will review the information first and then move forward with the process.

Please submit your information in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Click here to view the form.